Customized Travels

Customized Travels

Custom Trip

Would you like to orientate together on your next trip or completely relinquish it? In both cases we try to fully identify your wishes. The trip can be completely customized to your preferences and needs. We will send you a quote based on your preferences. You can determine the ingredients such as:

  • region
  • theme
  • budget
  • interests
  • duration
  • comfort level
  • transportation
  • preferred accommodation
  • travel speed,
  • departure date
  • other details


I would like to take the time to discuss your personal preferences and to organize a custom trip. It goes without saying that you can expect honest and realistic advice.

De specialist in Wellness & Azie is specialized in offering wellness trips. You can expect advise by an experienced India traveler!


Organized individual and group trips

You have the choice to participate in our carefully organized trips by yourself or with a group. Our group trips consist of a minimum of one traveler and a maximum of 16 travelers.

Unique about our trips is that they are organized based on personal travel experiences, roots, and background as ayurvedic practitioner.

The other feature that makes these trips unique is that the emphasis of these organized trips is on sightseeing of the most breathtaking sights in India in the first couple of days, where the second part of the trip is focused on wellness/relaxation and cleansing the body and soul in a resort with ayurvedic principles.

Offering an unforgettable experience and relaxation are the focal points of every trip.



Do you like to have more peace, space and time for your self? Experience the retreats in Asia.

We are specialized in retreats concerning the principals of:

  • ayurveda
  • yoga
  • mindfulness
  • juice fasting
  • healthy vegan food