Discover 'Incredible' India

Experience the most magical times of your life in India. Immerse yourself in the organized chaos. Be inspired by the smells, colors, tastes and sounds around you. Speaking of Incredible India, we are talking about the diversity in landscapes; tropical paradises with endless beaches, magical hills and mountain landscapes, overgrown nature reserves, beautiful ruins, the most helpful and friendly people, spirituality, yoga, art, architecture, ayurveda, and much more.

You get your pick of a trip organized by us, whether you plan to travel just with your party or in a group. You may also opt to have a custom trip organized. We would love to take the time to discuss your personal preferences and turn them into a custom advice. You can expect an honourable and exemplary service!

De specialist in Wellness & Azië reizen is distinguished from others because of the way the travels/trips are organized: careful and based on personal travel experiences, roots, and background as an ayurvedic practitioner.

We are distinguished from other by the emphasis of the trips. The first days of our organized trips are all about sightseeing the most special places in India, and the emphasis of the second part of the trip is totally on wellness/relaxation and cleansing of mind and body in a resort based on ayurvedic principle.

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by transportation and an English speaking guide, so you have time to enjoy the travel between all destinations.